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Course “Build your 3D Printer”

Course + 3D Printer for just €599€449

Delve into the world of 3D printing

  • Learn how to assemble and use your 3D printer
  • The course includes the Formbytes One 3D printer
  • The same print quality as the best printers on the market
  • Resolution of up to 0.1 mm
  • Print area of 130x125x100 mm (expandable)
  • Attractive design, portability and quality at the best price
  • No prior knowledge required
  • For the general public and ideal for beginners
  • The course can be attended with a companion
  • Satisfied students. Read more opinionshere

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Some of our courses...

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What our students say

Lorenzo Bautista
Principal Researcher in Technology

Last May, my children (aged seven and nine) and I took part in the course ‘Build Your Own 3D Printer’.
It was a really rewarding experience for the three of us because, besides being able to share my interest in technology with my kids in a really educational and fun way, we got to take our own 3D printer home with us!

Actually, a few weeks later, my youngest took the 3D printer to class, showed his classmates how it worked, and they were even able to build a few things for the classroom.

It was certainly a coordinated workshop and outstandingly run by FORMBYTES professionals. The printer is very simple and intuitive to use. So we highly recommend you sign up for this experience, especially as a family!

“The Formbytes printer is ideal for taking your first steps into the world of 3D printing.

The simplicity in its design may seem to be a shortcoming at first glance, but in practice is very useful when it comes to accessing all the parts and understanding how a machine with three axes works mechanically.

What’s more, I was really surprised by the print quality. Compared with other machines in its range and above, it is every bit as good, it rarely fails and it’s able to print for hours on end!

Santi Fuentemilla
Instructor at Fab Lab Barcelona

Toni Martinez
Security Consultant

The experience of taking the course and assembling the 3D printer was extraordinary. I was accompanying my son who’s a minor.

Both he and I were delighted to have completed the course. The whole assembly was really enjoyable and not at all difficult.

We recommend the course to anyone that wants to familiarise themselves with the world of 3D printers.

We really like the Formbytes One printer because it’s portable and can conveniently be taken wherever we go.

One of the things we like the most is that only a short time elapses between plugging it in and starting to print, so you save loads of time, which is sometimes what we are most in need of.

Besides good quality printing and a great appreciation of its design, we have a wonderful relationship and smooth communication with the entire Formbytes team.

Marc Sibila y Jordi Divins
Profesores y Makers


Enric Senabre
Co-founder of Goteo.org


“The introductory workshop to familiarise yourself with the world of 3D printing and the assembly of the Formbytes printer is not to be missed, a fun and wholly interactive experience!

As for the printer, “Little Miss Sunshine”, as we call it at home, works really hard and has great stamina! 🙂

3D printing is one of the emerging technologies that presents more interesting options for all fields.

And the Formbytes printer is a good way to get started easily and to understand how it works as it’s within everyone’s reach.

Aina Fernandez
Associate Professor at the Fundació
Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme

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